Dendritic Agate with Citrine in 14k Yellow Gold and Silver Necklace


This necklace features a sweet, little agate that has an extremely unique dendrite inclusion. This is a 100% natural stone.

The little scene, (that looks like a little tree branch in front of some clouds to me), was created by nature over thousands of years. They were formed when traces of iron or manganese seeped into fine surface fractures of the host stone over time. They have naturally formed some beautiful scenes in these rare agates.

The agate is set in sterling silver. Along the bail is a tiny, 2mm natural, dark yellow/brown citrine gemstone, set in solid 14k yellow gold. The top of the bail is also of 14k solid gold.

This piece hangs from a 18in ball chain in sterling silver.

The full pendant is about 24mm in hight from tip to bottom.

Genuine citrine and solid 14k yellow gold accents.

Ready to ship!